SuperTeachers’ Media Training

Session description:

News is dynamic and quick-paced. It bombards us from many platforms: radio, TV, online, Twitter feed, social media channels and print. The organisations that create news are under increasing pressure to deliver news in an easily digestible format. They need to “break” stories ahead of their competitors and encourage a loyal readership. Newsrooms however have been shrinking in headcount thanks to flat advertising growth, tough economic conditions and little investment human capital development in journalism. Against this backdrop, the Media Training session will focus on the structure and hierarchy of newsrooms, the news gathering and production process and the characteristics of journalists. Delegates will also undertake simulated media interviews and basic writing exercises. The Media session is designed to offer educators a dip into the world of the media through both verbal and non-verbal communication.

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Presented by:

Thandi Moticoe - Director: Purple Room Communications



Venue: Yellow room
Cost: FREE
Date: 10 September, 2015
Start time: 15:30
Maximum: 50 Attendees