World Internet Data ExploreR

Session description:

The WIDER (World Internet Data ExploreR) is a data visualisation platform of Internet related data. It is currently under active development, collaboratively by AFRINIC and ISOC ZA. We will showcase the different features of the tool, i.e. visualization of data by geographic level (world, continental, regional and country-level).

The first iteration of the platform will present data collection from APNIC on IPv6 and ISP Market share as well as statistics collected from other sources (for e.g. world bank, CAIDA, etc). One dataset that can easily be included in PeeringDB to display the number of IXs and peers per country.

The presentation is mostly about the sharing the project goals and objectives, doing a short demo and gather community feedback on how it can become useful to the IX community.

Target audience:

IT Professionals

Presented by:

Amreesh Phokeer - R&D Engineer, AFRINIC



Venue: Orange room
Cost: FREE
Date: 21 August, 2018
Start time: 16:00
Maximum: 250 Attendees