Bill Manning -

Booz Allen Hamilton, 2011 to Present

As an Associate at Booz Allen, Mr. Manning serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to the Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division. In this capacity, he provides technical and policy expertise to DHS engagements with the Information Technology (IT) Sector, including risk management activities related to key technical underpinnings of the Internet, such as the DNS.   He also provides technical and policy expertise to DOD’s Internet Governance team, which is working to protect DOD’s current Internet governance equities and is engaging in various international forums. Finally, as a member of Booz Allen’s Policy Analytics Team, he applies innovative capabilities to help government and commercial clients solve problems that arise at every stage of the policy lifecycle, from the shaping and development phases through the implementation and evaluation phases.

Research Staff, USC Information Sciences Institute, Computer Networks Division 1994-2011:

Worked on the NSF Routing Arbiter team, the IANA activity, and the TBDS project for DARPA.  With DARPA, NSF, Toshiba and Keio University funding, he has worked on fault tolerant networks, ad-hoc networks, and the operational DNS infrastructure. He was instrumental in augmenting the DNS root system with four additional operators, ran the longest running DNSSEC test bed (1998-2007), ran one of the DNS Root Servers, and was instrumental in the design and implementation of several DNSSEC support packages, CADR and UNBOUND.

Lecturer and Consultant, Recognized Expert on Domain Name Security, 1996-present:

  • Over 140 workshops/training sessions on  DNSSEC for APNIC, ICANN, CENTR, RIPE, NANOG, LACNIC, AFRISPA, AFNOG,China Telecom, APRICOT and others.
  • Lead Engineer, Rice University. 1987-1994
  • Responsible for NSF Regional networks SESQUINET and MIDnet. RFC Author and IETF working group chair. Participated in the COREN founding committee, the precursor to the Internet2 network.
  • Design Engineer, Texas Instruments, Semiconductor Division 1978-1987
  • Design engineer for the 802.5 chip design team, moved into networking.  Helped migrate the world-wide corporate network of 180,000 nodes to the Internet Protocol and consolidated 18 data centers into 2.

Synergistic Activities

Bill Manning has served on the program committees for NANOG, APRICOT, and RIPE, and he has been an invited speaker and lecturer for ICANN, ISOC, SANOG, NZNOG, RIPE, AFRINIC, and others. He is a member of IEEE and ACM. He has been a technical advisor to SRI- International, MITRE, Nautronix, Verizon and several other companies. He served on the advisory council for ARIN and then as Trustee for ARIN.  He is on two ICANN committees and has provided coordination for EDUCAUSE on technical direction.

Root Server operator since 1994, designed and implemented root server renaming based on DNS compression – giving us 13 unique servers instead of 9.  Defined and coded the DNS extentions for ISO-NSAPs.  Was the IETF WG co-chair for the Internet Renumbering WG. Ran the first series of DNSSEC workshops (1996-2003). Documented and tested one the first distrubuted routing security registries.

Founding member of RSSAC, one of the Root Scalability Study members.


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