Ellie Hagopian - CEO of Nomosphere and Deputy Chair of WAPA

Ellie is CEO of Nomosphere, a wireless network operator based in Johannesburg that delivers value-added services over telecommunications networks, and co-founder of customer intelligence and one-to-one analytics company Viento. She also serves as deputy chairperson of the Wireless Access Providers’ Association of South Africa (WAPA). Her specific areas of interest and expertise are strategy, product management, communications, value chain optimisation, and systems design.

Ellie was CEO of Skyrove, a Cape Town-based Wi-Fi operator, from September 2012-February 2014. Prior to moving to South Africa in 2010, Ellie ran product management for SaaS company Exit41, just north of Boston. She holds an MBA from Babson College (ranked number one in the USA for entrepreneurship for 17 consecutive years by U.S. News and World Report). In her spare time, she is a competitive CrossFit athlete although she does, occasionally, eat croissants and drink cappuccinos.

Presentations – 2014

Changing Wi-Fi Business Models (pdf)

Wireless-Enabled Value-Added Solutions (pdf)

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