Kevin Chege - Internet Development Manager for Africa

Kevin Chege joined the Internet Society in February 2012 as the Internet Development Manager for Africa under the Africa Regional Bureau.

Kevin joins ISOC from KENET where he recently served as the Network Manager. While at KENET, he was responsible for IP network design, Network Operations and Network Services. He worked at KENET for seven years, initially an E-1 (copper) only network and was at KENET even before it had its own Autonomous Number and IP address blocks. While at KENET, he oversaw the dramatic expansion of the KENET network from a VSAT network serving 12 links to a large NREN with over 100 active links, most on optical fiber, multiple Points of Presence (PoPs), and with undersea fiber capacity. He also setup and deployed several free and open source based network services and solutions from network monitoring, DNS, e-mail to web hosting for the benefit of the Kenyan Universities and the NREN.

He trained and mentored many techies and interns during his time at KENET and trained for both the NSRC and AfNOG. Kevin has made presentations at several forums and is also a contributor to a book published by INASP and the ICTP on Internet Bandwidth Management and Optimization entitled How To Accelerate Your Internet: A practical guide to Bandwidth Management and Optimization using Open Source Software”.

Kevin holds a degree in Information Systems and Technology from the United States International University – Africa and has also participated in several technology trainings and workshops over the years. Kevin is a former ISOC fellow to the IETF and has had two articles published in the IETF journal. He was the recipient of the 2010 John Postel Network Operator’s Scholarship.

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