Archive: Lanre Ajayi

Lanre Ajayi had his Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He worked for the Nigeria Telecomunications Ltd (NITEL) for 11 years before establishing PiNet Informatics, which became one of the first Internet Service Providers in Nigeria.

Lanre Ajayi is a co-founder and the current President of the Nigeria Internet Group (NIG). A Non Profit Organisation committed to the promotion of the Internet in Nigeria. He has served as the Vice-President of the ISP Association of Nigeria (ISPAN) and as the Vice-Chairman of African ISP Association (AfrISPA). He has also served on the council of the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) as the Chairman of Research and Statistics committee. He was Chairman of Technical committee on the Nigeria Country Code Top Level Domain Name (.ng). He was also the Chairman of ISPAN committee on the implementation of the Nigeria Internet Exchange Point.

Lanre Ajayi has served Nigeria in several capacities. He served as a member of the National Cybercrime Working Group (NCWG). He also served on the Federal Government committee on the National University Network (NUNet). He was appointed as a member of the Presidential task force for the restructuring of the Information and Communication Technology sector in Nigeria.

He is a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), a fellow of the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) and a registered member of the Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN).

Lanre Ajayi was listed as one of the icons of Information and Communication Technology in Nigeria in a compendium compiled by ICT publications Limited in the year 2004 and was named the Nigerian ICT personality of the year in 2007.