Marnus Kruger - National Business Development Manger

Marnus started his professional career in the Telecommunications space around 1998, earning his “wings” in the technology space. He has travelled through Europe whilst building his Technical skills, including projects to build large scale VoIP call centres and Municipal networks.

He joined Neotel as one of the first employees in September 2006 in the IP Engineering team, after coming from his latest IP enabled call centre project for one of the large Mobile operators.
Since then, Marnus has fullfilled many roles within Neotel from Engineering (Designing the Neotel Network), Network Projects (Building the Neotel Network) Network Operations (Supporting the Neotel network) and at some point…Sales (Yes, sales!!…selling the Neotel Network)

Marnus was instrumental in designing and building the Network Solution for Neotel’s succesfull bid for the Western Cape Broadband Network. Using his skills and expertise in the ISP market, he was able to help put a uniqiue and very successfull bid strategy together.

His latest role is as the National Business Development Manager for the Africa and SA ISP department.

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