Mohamed El Bashir - Chairman, dotAFRICA Steering Committee

Mohamed is an active Internet user and Expert, He was the founder and President of Sudan Internet Society “SIS” from 2001 until 2008, which its main objective is to promote internet usage for Sudan’s Socio-economic development, Founding member of Qatar’s Internet Society. He is currently chairman of dotAFRICA project steering committee.

He has been actively involve within ICANN since 2001 he served in different ICANN‘s leadership positions including Council member in ICANN’s Country Code Supporting Organization “ccNSO” Council representing Africa for 2 terms and member of ICANN’s Board At Large Advisory Committee “ALAC” from 2006 to 2010.

He was elected Vice President of African Top Level Domains Organization “AfTLD” between 2004 to 2008. He is involved in Internet, Domain names and Internationalized Domain Names “IDN” Policy Developments in different foras regionally and Internationally.

Mohamed is an Expert in Internationalized Domain Names “IDNs” issues and is an active member in most of IDNs standards and policy developments working groups on a regional or international level, He is a member of ICANN IDN Guidelines Revision Working Group “WG Reviewing IDN guidelines”, and also was a member of ICANN President’s Advisory Committee in IDNs.

He actively participated in the UN World Summit for Information Society “WSIS” process ( Geneva and Tunis Summits ) and since then a regular speaker and participant in the Internet Governance Forum “IGF” meetings.

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