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Having served over 13 years as CEO of Australia’s Internet Industry Association, the national trade association for internet commerce, content and connectivity, Peter Coroneos retired from the role in 2011 to found

Its mission is to promote industry best practice and international cooperation in the mitigation of zombie botnet activity on ISP networks.

(The botnet phenomenon is recognized by many as constituting the biggest single threat to the integrity of the internet as we know it. Its actual and potential impacts span end user information security, corporate data and IP, cybercrime, cyberterrorism and national security. )

Peter’s current role grew out of pioneering work he established in Australia in 2009/10. The icode, as it is known, has attracted substantial interest as a approach to coordinate a national, industry-led efforts to identify, notify and help remediate suspected zombies computers on ISP networks.

In his former position, Peter served as primary industry advocate, political strategist and spokesperson for the IIA, driving the IIA’s policy development work and instigating the formation of specialist taskforces to leverage member expertise in diverse legal, economic and technical areas.

While CEO, Peter pioneered the development and implementation of several industry codes of practice within the IIA, representing industry’s proactive response to a range of challenging social policy areas within Australia, ranging from cybersecurity to online content regulation.

He regularly appeared before House of Representatives and Senate committees to provide expert evidence on matters of public policy relating to the internet and actively coordinated and prosecuted the industry’s legislative agenda.

Beyond his work in internet security, Peter assumed a prominent role in areas ranging from intermediary liability to broadband policy.

In 2009, he was called to testify before the Federal Court of Australia in support of iiNet’s defense against an unprecedented assault by 34 Hollywood studios seeking a finding of copyright authorization relating to file sharing by the ISPs customers.

Peter was also principal author of the IIA’s 2006 “National Broadband Targets 2010″, a white paper acknowledged by the Australian Government as being a key driver in its decision to commission the National Broadband Network or NBN. A near ubiquitous, national fibre-to-the-premises broadband network, the AU$43 billion NBN, currently in build, will form Australia’s single biggest infrastructure investment.

Prior to his appointment to the IIA in 1997, Peter enjoyed a diverse professional life as a science educator, marketing consultant and senior officer with the national competition and telecommunications regulator. His multidisciplinary education includes a First Class Honours degree in Law, an Honours Degree in Agricultural Economics, and a postgraduate Diploma in Education.

An acknowledged international authority on internet governance and joint industry-government co-operation, Peter has addressed audiences in the US, Europe and Asia since 1998.


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