Tebogo Loate - Storage Sales Specialist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Director, Lefa Cooperative

Tebogo works for Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a sales specialist within the storage division. He also serves on the board of a Cooperative that is focused on creating an online B2C marketplace for SMEs in townships (see www.chekalefa.co.za). Furthermore he also serves on the National ICT Forum which was established by the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Dr Siyabonga Cwele. He was appointed by the Minister to head up the working group on e-commerce within the National ICT Forum. He also serves on the E-commerce Advisory Committee that advises the finance ministry on e-commerce related matters. He completed his Masters Degree in Supply Chain with a dissertation titled “A case study on the order fulfillment model adopted by a South African online grocery retailer”. He has been in the IT industry for 15 years during which time he co-founded 2 companies specializing in business process design and ERP applications systems integration.

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