Theo Kramer -

Director UniForum SA, Chief Technology Officer Domain Name Services and Flame Computing.

Software developer and architect with current interests in B2B messaging technologies using industry standard protocols including ebXML and ebMS V3.0, AS4, RosettaNet RNIF 2.0 and EPP (IETF STD69).

Interests include the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) as used between domain Registrars and Registries. Software project management specializing in software product creation.

Joined UniForum SA (originally /usr/group/) in 1988. During 1995 UniForum SA were delegated the responsibility of administrating the domain registry and was instrumental in converting UniForum SA from a user group into a world class ISO 2001 accredited company with around 800000 domains and growing as of mid 2012.

Current goals include creating a world class B2B message server based on open standards and a world class EPP based registry/registrar domain registration system.


Theo Kramer – Overview of the CO.ZA EPP System

Previously spoke at:

iWeek 2012