Tracy Kganakga - Head of Information Technology

Tracy has over 10 years in both IT Governance and IT Auditing experience.

Her academic qualifications include National Diploma in Information Technology (CPUT), B-Tech in IT (UNISA) Project management in an IT environment (UNISA) and Auditing in an IT environment (UNISA).

Tracy is currently Head of Information Technology at ZA Central Registry. Previous experience include, Group IT Governance Officer at NTP a subsidiary of NECSA – Nuclear Energy Corporate of South Africa (2014),  IT Governance: Supervisory Specialist at Clientele at Clientele, 2011 (an insurance Company), IS Auditor at Gobodo Forensic and Investigating Accounting,2009 (Auditing firm) and  IT Auditor at Ngubane and Company ,2006 (Auditing firm)

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