Trevor Mey - Operations Manager: 21Tanks

Trevor has always been on the edge – whether it’s rubbing tarmac of a freeboard, throwing himself bodily off buildings or snowboarding down the side of the World’s craziest peaks. The edge is where you need to be to push boundaries, and discover things, rather than just ‘seeing them with fresh eyes’. It’s where new shit happens.

Taking that approach to SA’s only perspective merchant, 21 Tanks – a company known specifically for its ability to make a real difference within the behemoths of the corporate world – ‘Trevipedia’ has become the guy you go to when you want to know what fast moving businesses will look like in 5 years. Or what the latest ‘adult’ meme is. Or how many sherpa’s it takes to lift a car. Or what the new trend in virtua-joggin is. Or, pretty much any other damn thing.

He also looks, and grows a beard, like a lumberjack. And wrangles cats.

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