Rapidly Changing SA Energy Economy: Strategic Insight for ISPs

Session description:

Did you know that Eskom is in serious financial difficulties, or that the power station build programme will seriously overshoot demand that may lead to stranded assets that someone will have to pay for? Are you aware that much wider natural gas network coverage may well become a reality in the next 10 years? Or that the back log of expenditure on the crumbling municipal electrical networks is estimated at around R30billion!

Energy and electricity are key enablers of any ISP business, both for themselves and their customers in turn. Riding the wave of this turbulence will require astute and long term decision making based on a solid grasp of developments and trends. This presentation will provide a platform against which ISPs can start formulating their own strategies and action plans.

Target audience:

ISP operations managers, network engineers

Presented by:

Paul Harris - Managing Director: Integrated Energy Solutions



Venue: TBA
Cost: FREE
Date: 10 September, 2015
Start time: 13:30
Maximum: 250 Attendees