Andrew Alston - Liquid Telecom - Group Head of IP Strategy

Andrew Alston has worked in the industry full time for 20 years, since the age of 16. He founded Africa’s first IT security company, and was involved in the Internet security industry for many years before switching directions and moving into the networking field. Andrew was appointed as the Chief Technology officer for the South African national research and education network, where he, together with the TENET team, spearheaded the design and deployment of Africa’s fastest network, which included the deployment of Africa’s first 10G localised peering, the landing and commissioning of the first aggregated 10G circuit to Europe, and the first fully IPv6 enabled backbone. After 6 years with TENET, Andrew turned his sights further afield in a quest for new challenges, and joined Liquid with the objective being to be part of build Africa’s new fastest network, the Liquid Telecommunications network.

Andrew has also been involved in the policy side of the African internet for many years, and in addition to his current work with Liquid, Andrew was also elected last year to the board of AfriNIC where he continues to serve.

Andrew now lives in Kenya and is happily married to a wonderful Kenyan wife!

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