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Don Kent is the President and CEO of Net Literacy, a broadband adoption and digital literacy inclusion NGO founded in 2003.  Net Literacy has increased computer access to over 150,000 individuals, promotes broadband adoption through partnerships ranging from the US Internet Industry Association to Broadband for American, and has received awards from two American Presidents.

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Net Literacy was selected by the European Union’s Study on Digital Inclusion as one of the 91 “most promising good practices initiatives” based upon an investigation of 32 countries, in Microsoft’s publication Innovating for Inclusion: A Digital Inclusion Guide For Those Leading The Way, and its programs cited in America’s National Broadband Plan produced by Federal Communication Commission and presented to Congress earlier this year.

Previously, Don has served as Vice President of Marketing and Content for Sprint’s (ITFS) terrestrial wireless broadband and digital video products, Executive Vice President and COO of Insight Communication, America’s ninth largest cable television provider, and as a venture capitalist in New York City for twelve years.  Don’s MBA is from the University of Utah, he has received Broadband Properties Cornerstone Award, and he serves on numerous boards including as a member of the USIIA’s board of directors.