Gregory Massel - Director: Switch Telecom

Greg is a co-founder and director of Switch Telecom, a next generation telco.

Having always had a passion for the Internet and related technologies, he first got involved in Internet Service provision in 1996 when he formed CyberSurf Technologies, an ISP based in Durban. During the same period he also consulted to various other ISPs, advising on and assisting with their technical infrastructure.

Subsequent to selling CyberSurf in 1999, Greg worked at ITI Online and Storm as a network engineer managing the technical team.

He then joined DataPro in 2003 as a network engineer before taking a break from Internet access in 2005, doing some part-time work on a Lawful Interception project, moving into VoIP and telecommunication and co-founding Switch Telecom in 2006.

Greg has been involved in various Internet-related organisations, but is probably best known as being the creator of the ISP Map and for his involvement with ISPA, having served on the Mancom (and as joint-chair) from September 2001 through to September 2010.

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