Malcolm Kirby - CEO: Metrofibre Networx (Pty) Ltd

Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the communications industry providing a wide range of solutions with varying technologies to Enterprise, Operators and Service Providers.

General Manager of a data Communications Solutions provider providing Integrated Voice/IP/LAN solutions.

Key Accounts Manager for an international networking equipment provider targeting Utilities and Operators in the Southern Africa region. Experience in SDH/PDH, Transmission, ATM, Frame Relay, ATM and IP.

Key Account Manager for a major international equipment solutions provider targeting utilities, operators and GSM operators across the African continent.

Experience in SHD/PDH, DWDM, Microwave and Wireless solutions, Converged Telecomms solutions, Optical fibre and GSM infrastructure and services.

Launched and established 5 Telecomms related companies and developed and implemented comprehensive Marketing and Sales Plans for each of them.
Co-Founder of a Telecommunications solutions company, Verilink, and put together a partnership that developed a Radio Data Solution for the South African Police Services.

Founded NewBridge Systems (Pty) Ltd to import and distribute a range of cordless, DECT based, PBXs with data and IP capabilities.

Co-Founder of Muvoni Weltex Network Technologies, an industry leading mechanised cable laying company specifically established to lay fibre optic cable in the Metro space. Responsible for Sales and Marketing and Business Development.

Co-Founder of Dark Fibre Africa, an Open Access, Layer 1, dark fibre infrastructure provider. Responsible for the launch of the company into the local market, Sales and marketing and all Business Development. (DFA, after 5 years, worth over 6000kms of trench infrastructure is estimated to be valued at R3,3bn)

Co-Founder of Metrofibre networx (Pty) Ltd, an Open Access, layer 2 Metro Ethernet fibre access Service Provider.

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