Abuse Desk Training for ISPs

Session description:

This is a repeat of a popular 2014 workshop, and useful for any ISP support staff and abuse desk managers. It will cover the following:

  • What is abuse?
  • Defining on network and off network abuse
  • Best practice
  • Possible ways to manage abuse
  • Where to get information for on-network “abuse”
  • Common problems
    • Blacklisting
    • Spam
    • Virus
    • Comprised servers/hacked servers/defacements sites
    • Suspending of services

The workshop will include a Q&A session to cover any matters that attendees may have encountered and suggest approaches for dealing with them.

Target audience:

ISP help desk staff, support teams, customer service managers

Presented by:

Andre van der Walt - Risk engineer: Internet Solutions



Venue: Green room
Cost: FREE
Date: 9 September, 2015
Start time: 11:00
Maximum: 50 Attendees