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Mohammad Patel began his IT career since the days of Atari and XT Computing. Having established and sold few major businesses, Mr Patel established a national telecommunications company namely OTEL in 2008.

Mohammad served as deputy chairman, then chairman of Wireless Access Providers Association (WAPA), and on the management committee of ISPA for a number of years until he’s exited the industry in 2016 to focus on his religious studies.

Mr Patel was instrumental in the early development of the digital telephony industry in South Africa, having participated in major discussions shaping the VoIP and Broadband regulations with ICASA, government, incumbents, fibre infrastructure companies and major Mobile Service Providers.

Mr Patel currently runs, a global online E-Commerce Infrastructure Development company, serving businesses to optimise their financial control via cloud based software.

Mr Patel will share with us the challenges he’s faced and advise on how to overcome them in a fast pace industry.

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